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Customers can use their Aadhaar Card to access their Aadhaar-linked bank account and carry out basic banking transactions like withdrawals, deposits, balance enquiry, and bank transfers. These transactions can easily be carried using a biometric scanner that would be available with all merchants of Moneypro CSP.

Zero Charges

All payments accepted through Qwikpe are 100% FREE of any transactional charges or hidden costs!

Highest Interest Rates

Use Qwikpe to collect payments. Earn industry highest interest rate every time.

Easy Attractive Loans

Get a loan of up to Rs. 3 lakhs for all your needs without the need for any collateral. Enjoy one of the lowest market interest rates, along with the added benefits like - easy application process & instant disbursal based on transactions.

Moneypro Card

Introducing India's first Credit cum Debit card. With a credit limit up to Rs 1 lakh, get 1% guaranteed cashback on all Moneypro card balances spent!

Qwikpe App- Har Business Le Liye

Our App is tailored to meet all business needs be it for retailers, small businesses or shop owners.





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